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Grading Policy


4 hour exams will be given, each worth up to 100 points; the lowest exam grade will be dropped. No makeup exams are given. One exam is dropped so that if you have a legitimate excuse for missing that exam, you will not be penalized. If you miss an exam, for any reason, that is the exam that is dropped. If you take all the exams and dropping the lowest score happens to improve your grade, that is an incidental benefit. If you miss more than one exam, then you will be relying upon the final exam score to replace your exam scores. None of the hour exams will be scaled or curved. The total number of points possible from the hour exams is 300 or 0, depending upon your final exam score.

Quizzes and Homework:

There is a homework assignment due each class meeting. The homework assignments are typically 1 or 2 questions relating to the material from the previous lecture. Each assignment is due at the beginning of class (8:05 a.m.) and no late assignments will be accepted (this means you need to get to class on time, so get a good alarm clock). I will accept a maximum of two homework assignments via e-mail ( or fax (401-874-5072) as long as they are received prior to 8:05 a.m. on the due date. Quizzes are given at random intervals and will cover topics discussed in class the day of the quiz. The maximum total number of points possible from Quizzes and Homework assignments is 350; however, there will be more points offered than 350 (probably on the order of 400, depending upon the number of quizzes given). This means that if you miss an occasional quiz or homework assignment, you still have an opportunity to reach the maximum of 350 points.

Final Exam:

The final exam is cumulative and integrates material from all parts of the course. The final exam is worth up to 200 points or 500 points, depending upon your hour exam total.

Total Course points:

This total is found by one of two methods: 1) drop the lowest hour exam score and then add the remaining hour exam scores, final exam score, and quiz and homework score; or 2) multiply the final exam score by 2.5 and add it to the quiz and homework score. I use whichever total gives you the largest number.