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CHM 112
Section 1

Homework Assignment #15
Due March 6, 2006 by 8:05 a.m.

Practice (not to be turned in): Problems 15.46, 15.50, 15.51, 15.53, 15.133

Consider a solution of the acid corresponding to the last digit of your Student ID Number. The initial concentration of the acid is equal to the seventh and eighth digits of your Student ID Number divided by 1000. Find the pH. You can find equilibrium constants from the Table of Acid Ionization Constants. Write the equilibrium reaction that your answer is based on and show all of your work.

0) Bromoacetic acid

1) Chloroacetic acid

2) Chlorous acid

3) Cyanic acid

4) Dichloroacetic acid

5) Fluoroacetic acid

6) Hydrogen sulfate ion

7) Hydrogen selenate ion

8) Iodic acid

9) Trichloroacetic acid

Turn in the following on a clean, full sheet of paper (not torn out of a notebook):

Student ID Number
The answers to the questions.