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CHM 112
Section 1

Homework Assignment #22
Due April 3, 2006 by 8:05 a.m.

Practice (not to be turned in): 16.43, 16.47, 16.51, 16.96, 16.103

Calculate the molar solubility of:

1. Silver nitrite in an X molar solution of silver nitrate where X = the sixth and seventh digits of your Student ID Number divided by 1000.

2. Calcium hydroxide in a buffered solution with a pH = 13.00 + Y where Y = the last two digits of your Student ID Number divided by 100. (If your Student ID Number is 100123456, then the pH = 13.56.)

Turn in the following on a clean, full sheet of paper (not torn out of a notebook):

Student ID Number
The answer to the questions. Show your work.