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CHM 112
Section 1

Homework Assignment #23
Due April 5, 2006 by 8:05 a.m.

Practice (not to be turned in): 16.8, 16.73.

If the following sparingly soluble solids are added to a 1 M solution of nitric acid, will the solubility increase, decrease, or remain the same? Show balanced chemical reactions to justify your conclusions but do not do any detailed calculations. Turn in answers corresponding to the last digit of your Student ID Number AND the last digit ±5, whichever gives a single digit.

(0) Al(OH)3

(1) Cd(OH)2

(2) Co(OH)3

(3) Mg(OH)2

(4) Pb(OH)2

(5) AgC2H3O2

(6) CaC2O4

(7) CdC2O4

(8) CuCN

(9) ZnC2O4

Turn in the following on a clean, full sheet of paper (not torn out of a notebook):

Student ID Number
The answer to the questions.