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CHM 112
Section 1

Homework Assignment #31
Due May 1, 2006 by 8:05 a.m.

Your assignment is to attend the Sensors and Surface Technology (SST) Partnership poster session being held Friday, April 28, in Kirk 215 between 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Poster sessions are informal methods used by scientists to present the results of research projects and to talk to people who may have an interest, or at least a curiosity, about the research topic. There will be a wide variety of research presented at the SST poster session and you will likely find some of the research presented of interest to you. You also can get a free lunch, since refreshments will be served starting around noon.

Your assignment is to visit three different posters of your choice. Your assignment is to write a review of the each posters that is no more than three pages in length (i.e., about 1 page per poster that you visited). The review should indicate the topics of each poster, the authors, the person you talked to that was presenting the poster (if the person was there), and a brief overview of the results. While many of the research projects will include details that are beyond your educational level, they all have a broad basis that you can understand and that is the information you should be seeking. This review must be typed and written in good English. E-mail responses for this homework assignment will not be accepted. Be sure your name and Student ID Number are included on the paper.

Many of the posters presented at the SST poster session are based on research done by undergraduate students. Sometime in your undergraduate career you should definitely think about becoming involved in a research project with some faculty member or group on campus. Research allows you to apply what you learn in classes to real problems and gives you the opportunity to interact with faculty, graduate students, and technical staff more closely than from normal classroom channels. Most students find doing research a worthwhile experience, even if they have no intention of following this path in their career.

This homework assignment will be worth 20 points.