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CHM 112
Section 1

Homework Assignment #8
Due February 15, 2006 by 8:05 a.m.

Practice (not to be turned in): Review Questions 14.8

Consider the reaction

C(s) + O2(g) + S(s) COS(g)

which has H = –138.4 kJ/mol

The reaction is initially at equilibrium. Which way does the reaction shift if:

0) Oxygen is added to the reaction?

1) The pressure is raised by reducing the volume?

2) Graphite is added to the reaction?

3) The temperature is raised by 50 oC?

4) The pressure is doubled by adding argon?

5) Platinum is added as a catalyst?

6) The reaction vessel is cooled by 20 oC?

7) Oxygen is removed from the reaction?

8) The pressure is reduced by increasing the volume of the reaction vessel?

9) Sulfur is added to the reaction?

Turn in the following on a clean, full sheet of paper (not torn out of a notebook):

Student ID Number
The answers to the questions corresponding to the eighth and ninth digits of your Student ID Number. If these two digits are the same, add 1 to the ninth digit.