Chemistry 401

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

University of Rhode Island

Exam 2

November 16, 2001
open notes, open book

1. Although I2 is an insulator under ambient conditions, with modest application of pressure it becomes a metal. Briefly explain why this happens in terms of an appropriate bonding theory.


2. Diamond doped with nitrogen atoms is being considered for use in some semiconductor applications. Is this n-doped or p-doped? Explain your reasoning.


3. PBr2Cl3 has three possible isomers. Give the point group of each isomer.


4. Predict the products and estimate the enthalpy of reaction for:

F3B–S(CH3)2 + I2–P(CH3)3

Hint: use the data in Table 5.4, page 170 in your textbook to find the enthalpy for each complex and then find the reaction enthalpy.


5. The following reaction can be balanced two ways. Balance the reaction both ways, give the standard potential for each balanced reaction, and estimate pKa1 and pKa2 for H2MoO4.

H2MoO4(s) + Mo(s) → Mo3+(aq) + MoO2(s)

Hint: use the data from Appendix 2, page 703.