Chemistry 401

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

University of Rhode Island

Exam 2

November 3, 2006
open notes, open book

1. Explain the trends of the variation of the metallic radius for the second row transition metal elements (Y to Cd) in terms of metallic bonding.


2. When titanium(IV) oxide, a colorless solid, is heated in a substoichiometric amount of hydrogen gas, a blue color develops, indicating light absorption in the red. Write the balanced chemical reaction and use an appropriate bonding theory to explain the color change.


3. Predict the products for the following reactions:

(a) [CuI4]2–(aq) + [CuCl4]3–(aq)

(b) NH2(aq) + H2O(l)


4. Predict the order of increasing lattice energy for the following compounds: ZnO (wurtzite structure), NH4F (wurtzite structure), and CaF2 (fluorite structure). Explain your reasoning.


5. Complete and balance the following oxidation-reduction reaction and find the standard cell potential:

MnO4(aq) + HCO2H(aq) → CO2(g) + Mn2+(aq)