Chemistry 401

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

University of Rhode Island

Grading Policy

Fall 2013


Hour Exams (3 total)

Final Exam

Class Participation






Each hour exam will be worth 100 points. If your score on the final exam is higher than the average of your three hour-exams, I will replace all of your exam scores with the final exam score, appropriately weighted (i.e., the final exam can be worth 150 or 450 points, whichever gives you a higher total). (Be warned: the final exam will be hard, so do not rely on it too heavily.)

The Class Participation grade is assigned each day, up to 10 points per day. You can earn a maximum of 300 points on the Class Participation portion of your grade, which will be easy to do if you make an effort. You must attend class, arrive on time, and ask or answer relevant questions in class. Learning is most effective when you are engaged in the subject matter.

You can find your grades posted on Sakai.