Chemistry 401

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry

University of Rhode Island

Practice Problems

Exercises and Problems are from Shriver & Atkins, 4th edition. Some textbook examples have additional questions to the linked exercise or problem.

Symmetry and Point Groups

Exercise 7.3

Exercise 7.7

Problem 7.1

1. Determine the point group for the following molecules: a) NH3; b) SF6; c) CCl4; d) H2C=CH2; e) H2C=CF2. Answers

2. Find the point groups for the following species: SO42–, SO3, PCl5, PCl3, and SiF62–. Answers

3. Find the point group for the following molecules or ions: a) sulfur hexafluoride; b) fac–tribromotrichloroferrate(II) ion; c) tetraamminecopper(II) ion (ignore H atoms); d) decacarbonyldimanganese(0); e) chlorotris(triphenylphosphine)rhodium(I). Answers

4. Find the point group for the following species; a) mer–triamminetrichlorocobalt(III); b) tetracarbonylnickel(0); c) ferrocene. Answers