Chemistry 501

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I

University of Rhode Island


Fall 2008




Topics to be
covered this


Dr. Bill Euler
  phone: 401-874-5090
  fax: 401-874-5072

Concepts and Models of Inorganic Chemistry, B. Douglas, D. McDaniel, J. Alexander, 3rd edition. (ISBN 0-471-62978-2)

Atomic Structure (Chapter 1)
Molecular Structure & Bonding (Chapter 2)
Symmetry & Group Theory (Chapter 3)
Molecular Obital Theory (Chapter 4)
Solids (Chapter 5, 6)
Acids & Bases (Chapter 7)

Mid Term Exam (Oct. 28)
Final Exam (Dec. 9, take-home, handed out Dec. 9, due Dec. 16 by e-mail or fax)

The mid term exam will be open textbook and open notes. Don't let this deter you from studying thoroughly - the exams will consist primarily of thought questions that require you to use the material covered in class and the text (i.e., you won't be able to look any answer up!). You will be required to use the textbook as a reference for tables of data and equations.

A copy of the Syllabus handed out in class can be found by clicking here.