Chemistry 501

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I

University of Rhode Island





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January 27

Atomic Structure, Hydrogenic Wavefunctions, Multielectron Atoms

February 1

No Class

February 3

No Class

February 8

No Class

February 10

Periodic Properties

February 15

Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion (VSEPR) model, hybridization

February 17

Symmetry and Point Groups

February 22

Using Group Theory and Character Tables

February 24

Introduction to Molecular Orbital Theory

February 29

Simple MO diagrams for Diatomic Molecules

March 2

Using Group Theory for MO diagrams

March 7

Exam 1

March 9

Introduction to Ionic Compounds, Lattice Energies

March 14

Experimental Measurement of Lattice Energy, Solvation, Deviations from Ionic Character

March 16

Solid State Structure, Ionic Radius, Real Crystals

March 28


March 30


April 4

Weak Interactions

April 6

Exam 2

April 11

Introduction to Transition Metals

April 13

Crystal Field Theory

April 18

Group Theory; Low Symmetry Structures

April 20

Electron Counting (Valence Bond) Theories; MO Theory

April 25

Spectroscopy of Transition Metal Complexes

April 27

Exam 3

May 2

Review & Wrapup