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Annual Poster Session

Each year at the end of April the SST Partnership holds a poster session in the Kirk Hall facilites. The Poster Session brings together scientists and engineers from URI, Rhode Island, and surrounding states to learn about the latest research results from SST. The Poster Session also gives participating students an opportunity to present their research results in a comfortable setting. The students have an opportunity to meet representatives from a variety of companies. The annual Poster Session has been highly successful, averaging more than 15 posters per year and over 100 participants per year. The first Poster Session was held in 1997.

Selected titles from the 2004 Poster Session (April 30, 2004):

Analysis and Treatment of an 1814 Battle Flag from Stonington Connecticut

Renee Walker – Department of Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design

Photoactuators Based on Carbon Nanotube/Nafion Bilayer Composites

Peter Kanelos, Igor Levitsky, Destiny Woodbury, and William B. Euler – Department of Chemistry

Investigations of Electromigration in Al-Cu Alloy Interconnects

David Heskett and Chari Narahara – Department of Physics

Developing the Identity of Non-Pathogenic Bacteria to Aid in the Threat of Bioterrorism

Stacy Gingras – Department of Chemistry

Two-Step Thermochromism in Poly(3-docosylthiophene): DSC and Reflection Spectroscopy

Nadia Archambault – Department of Chemistry

Investigation of the Light-fastness of Polythiophene Thermochromic Pigments

Lauren Marcinowski – Department of Chemistry

Lead Wire Attachment Using Laser Welding Techniques

Tim Starr and Otto J. Gregory – Department of Chemical Engineering

Ceramic Temperature Sensors for Gas Turbine Engine Applications

Tao You – Department of Chemical Engineering

The Synthesis of Organic/Inorganic Composite Materials

Hui Wan and Sze Yang – Department of Chemistry

Synthesis of Double-Strand Polymer in Organic Solvent

Ping Ren and Sze Yang – Department of Chemistry

Compressibility of Gas Flow and Heat Transfer in Microchannels

Steven Turner, Lok Lam, Mohammad Faghri, and Otto J. Gregory – Department of Mechanical Engineering and Department of Chemical Engineering

Microstructural Analysis of Pipe Bomb Fragments

Drew Brodeur and Otto J. Gregory – Department of Chemical Engineering

Phosphorous Modified Polyanilines: Synthesis and Properties

Zhou Jin – Department of Chemistry

Direct Photovoltaic Production of Hydrogen Via Novel Device Development Through New Thin–Film Materials

Tara Aboyoun – Department of Chemical Engineering

A Nanocomposite Intermediate Coating to Improve High-Temperature Ceramic Coatings

Marcus Downey and Otto J. Gregory – Department of Chemical Engineering

Validating Bio-Ferrographic Capture of Artificial Joint Wear Debris Using Surface Science Technology

Adam Tillinghast, Nevan Hanumara, and Donna Meyer – Department of Mechanical Engineering

A New Design of Total Hip Replacement

Ren Sharma and Donna Meyer – Department of Mechanical Engineering

Determining Components of Fluorphoric DOM in Narragansett Bay Using Fluorescent EEMs and PARAFAC

Jessica Dombroski and Michael Twardowski – Graduate School of Oceanography

Preventing Biofouling of Bio-optical Sensors

Michael Twardowski – Graduate School of Oceanography

Scenes from previous Poster Sessions: